3 Important Reasons RebelMouse is Vital for LIVE Event Strategy

by: Jamey Brown

LIVE events are forever changed because of social media and its realtime attractiveness. What do I mean when I say “LIVE events?” Well, expos, trade shows, conferences, etc. are all great events to harness Rebelmouse as not only a show-floor awareness tool, but an engagement tool as well. The more “show pop” checkpoints you can have on the show floor the better. Below are three reasons why Rebelmouse is vital to your social floor strategy.

1. Event Awareness

Attendees, buyers, brands, etc. on a show floor want to know everything about the event they are at. Sounds basic, right? When it comes to floor direction and awareness you cannot dumb it down enough. This is not saying that your attendees are dumb, but they have other, “more important things” on their mind other than the social outlets attached to the live event. It’s alright agencies; wipe that tear away with the mad cash you made from heading up all digital and social for the show. When mapping out the floor, distinguish good checkpoints where monitors can stand (ie. intersections, section borders and entrances/exits). These points will most likely have someone stop, look and engage. Now you have their attention. Good job. But what’s the next step?

2. Event Engagement 

This basically just boils down to content you are running through your social channels during show. So, that being said, make it damn good! But seriously, content during live showtime should be highly frequent and applicable to just that show. What do I mean by this: answering questions, show floor multimedia, press releases pushed out about the event, etc. Your social platforms should be a constant mixture of epic responses and kick-ass content, nothing less. A member, or members, of your social team should be constantly capturing still and video content – it should be their only job. Other members (more PR here) should be going around locking down interviews. This is where all that kick-ass content will come from. Remember, organic content doesn’t grow on trees!

3. Event Highlights

Rebelmouse also does one simple thing; it highlights that “hey, we are socially live at this event, interact with us as you walk!” People need direction and they need to be told multiple times that it is alright to take out their phone and start live tweeting, interacting or ask questions. Frequency is the name of the game here.

So the next time you have a large live event make sure that Rebelmouse is a part of the social strategy. It is genuinely vital to bringing awareness during show time and engaging with fans on the floor.

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