The Boy and the Box

by: Jamey Brown


There was once a boy and he took out the trash at the end of every week. All trash had to be put into a sealed bag or container to go down the chute. The boy did this like clockwork. Every Sunday. Never missed a beat. Until one day the boy was about to pack his trash and had no bag or container. The boy panicked and worried. He paced back and forth wondering how this would affect his routine. How could this problem be fixed? As the boy sat down, head in arms, he noticed in the trash can a box. He leaned over and looked inside. Nothing. He then pulled the box out and started putting the other trash into the box. Piece by piece it all fit and came together. The boy then was able to not only throw the trash down the chute, but grow into a man. He simply had to think outside the box to get things to go in it.


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